Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lesson 4: 2 Legged Characters, Full Body.

Update: 6-5-06
Hey all,
Here are a coupple of characters from the screwball page. I'm paying alot less attention to detail, because I'm going for volume over quality. I won't keep it up for long, because I just needed somehting to jumpstart my motivation, and usually volume of work does it for me. If you stare at a mountain of crap long enough, eventually you'll want to do something well. Anyhow, more to come tomorrow. I had a ton of work over the weekend so I didnt get to draw as much as I wanted. Though I did get through 12 Character cycles. Tonight looks more promising, though. C & C's welcome.

Update: 6-2-06
Attempt #3 at the rabbit. After a closer look I think I'm farther off than before. Damn it!
I'm going to move on to some of the other characters so I can take a break from drawing rabbits.

PS I think I've been drawing too big. I keep running out of room.

Update: 6-1-06
Here is my second attempt at the reh-beht! Anyhow, I got a little closer in proportions, but I still messed up his Left eye. Thanks guys,

Hey John, Stephen, and all;
Here are the first two drawings for lesson 4. The duck is way off model ( my construction was way off), and the rabbit's head is too small making him look like an early 20 year old, when he should look more adolescent. Any how I'm trying them in blue pencil first then add black line art with regular pencil (a method someone mentioned somewhere). So far I like it. C & C's welcome.

Lesson 2: Squash And Stretch In The Head.

Hey All,
Ok, I spent the Memorial Day weekend watching Looney Tunes, and Tom and Jerry, while I was sipping on ice cold beer and doing the PB lessons. Here are my drawings for Lessoon 2. C &C's are welcome. I think I'm going to try a coupple more before I move to Lesson 4.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lesson 3: Proportions: Checking your drawings

I made a correction image as suggested by john and stephen. Here it is. I fully understand what you guys are talking about when you say it helps. It absolutely does. I learned so much about construction just by doing this lesson 1. I skiped to lesson 3 because I felt that it helped more with construction Next I'll do lesson 2, but before that I'm going to try for an exact dupe.

More Corrections on the way soon. You know the story (job, girl, blah blah blah)
Thanks guys,

Edit: Here below is an other correction drawring of the same bunny. Sigh, still a few more to come before I can move on.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lesson 1

Update! 5-24-06
Hooray I can finally move on to lesson 2. I am so excited. Now I get to learn a little more about squash and stretch in the face. HOORAY!! Crits and comments are very welcome, so please feel free. -andyUpdate! 5-22-06
Here are some more drawings I did from lesson 1 I'll start lesson 2 after a fer more drawings. The line art is a little rough, because I did them in a car ride on the way to Islands of Adventure (A beer-time extravaganza)

I added some drawings from lesson 1 I did on saturday. I'm going to do every drawing at least twice so I can try and catch up to some of the more skilled drafters ( Rob I'm gonna break your hands you talented asshole.)

Thanks for the lessons. Cheers man.

Ok so I'm new to drawing, I mean NEW! I havent picked up the pencil in about 4 years. You'ld be surpprised at how little drawing is actually required to Rig Game characters and animate them. So here I am Learning to draw all over again.