Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lesson 5: Line of Action.

Link to Lesson: http://www.animationarchive.org/2006/05/meta-100000-animation-drawing-course_31.html

UPDATE: 8-25-06

Hey all,
I have a few more drawings to post. I've had a break from animating rodents, and desided to draw some...and some cats too. I've been having the most fun drawing Jerry and it shows. The Tom's feel..... Subpar. I am improving so that's good. Anyhow, I'm still fighting the rust that been acumulating on my hands, but its been slow. When I get home, all I want to do is sleep. Anyhow C&C's are welcome. Enjoy.

UPDATE: 08-08-06
Heres a new Jerry. We finnished up production on Avitar, and have started a new game for a Pixar license. Hooray. Anyhow, thanks for taking a look.

Hey all,
It's been a while. We are wrapping up production of the Avitar game in a few days. We have about 6 days left before Gold, and theres about 2 weeks of stuff left to do :( Here are some sketches I did over the week end. The tom cat was a little rushed, ergo I fucked him up royaly. I did a much more thourough job on the Jerrys, but I'm still a little rusty. More to come for this lesson. Thanks for taking a look. C&C's are welcome.

PS The student work is lloking great, guys. Much props to all. You bastards are so far ahead it makes my balls hurt. Jerks! ;)


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Craig D said...

Andy - welcome back, brah!

Yeah, I laid off during my vacation and it was rough getting started up again. Sorry to hear about your testicular discomfort.

The one drawing of Tom look very Deitch-like. That bottom one of Jerry looks to be on the right track. You'll nail it with a little more fussin'

Best of luck with your game launch & thanks for visitin' my blog!

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Mcnuggetinator said...

I found this blog from Craig's link

Hey, its nice to seem someone else whos doing these lessons and hasnt quit. Keep up the good work! a word of friendly advice, do you measure the characters in head? someimes the heads look to small or too big but if you measure the characters in heads you should get the proportions close.

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Sapient American said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the originals (I got them all, 'cept for the aug 25 ones.
cheers and good luck with the release


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